Apartments MarcoAurelio49 arise in this Roman palace in the first half of 900, as an evolution of its own activity, has expanded to offer a comfortable and unforgettable stay in the capital of the world, the magnificent and incomparable Rome.


A style and a modernity that wants to surprise, setting compared with the antiquity of the building and the city itself. A few chosen elements give rise to a dialogue based on elegance and simplicity, the protagonist of the apartments is the colour that gives life to the original sets that designate a unique style in the center of Rome.


For a better stay, lots of colour!

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Immobiliare Marco Aurelio srl


Via Marco Aurelio, 49

00184 - Roma




Office/Reception: +39 06 77209761

Mobile/WhatsApp: +39 366 2828241

Fax: +39 06 60513662

Skype: marcoaurelio490



P.IVA: 02125051009

C.F.: 80114090584



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