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Baci Milano was founded 6 years ago by Silvia Arienti and Giovanni Colombo.

Baci Milano is a combination of two key words: Baci (Kisses) and Milano (fashion capital).

Their first idea was to develop a small reality always up to date to the market needs. The enormous success of the line Baroque & Rock has led Baci to invest and expand its product range by creating a series of complementary food items such as acrylic salad bowls, fruit cups and jugs of success.

Baci hasn't limited its efforts to the creation of the B&R range but  developed other lines that are extremely versatile and designed to meet the taste and needs of many different market.

The ranges have been studied mixing fashion cult products “iconic bags” trying to translate them in items useful for kitchen and household using extremely different materials like acrylic, melamine and silicone.

Cutting board, bottles and kitchen holders are the result of this experiment giving a glamour touch.



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